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Black Masterbatch

White Masterbatch

JVM has a very extensive range of White masterbatches. Thanks to our state of the art R&D facility and extensive experience we offer White masterbatches for almost all application and polymers.

JVM offers a comprehensive range of White Masterbatches which provide high Opacity, Maximum Whiteness Index, and excellent Dispersion.

We have unique combinations of various loading of TiO2 with various base polymers, including highly loaded titanium dioxide grades for maximum opacity.

  Available with different loading of Rutile grade Titanium Dioxide fm 30 % to 70 %
  Manufactured with PE, PP PS and EVA base carriers
  Suitable for processing on high speed machines
  White Masterbatch Made with unique formulation recipe & additives
  Optimum opacity, high gloss, smooth finish

Some of our White Masterbatch Grades
Product Code T1O2 Resin Application
Premium White 2829 70% PE Premium quality grade for high end applications such as FMCG Packaging, thin Walled Application, Sheets, film extrusion etc.
Super White 2788 60% PE High quality grade for high end application like film extrusion, blow molding & multi-layer films.
Universal White 2932 55% PE Injection molding, Blow molding & thick film.
R.P White 3804 40% PE HDPE Blow molded barrels & film extrusion.
PNB White 2858 20% PE Economy PS white for Thermoforming sheet extrusion of dairy food containers
Economic White 2703 12% PE Economy grade for injection molding